„Thermal Options“ prekybos akademija.

„Thermal Options“ prekybos akademija

Sara Kataras Clean and well maintained.

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Pool is great but would have been better if it had two. The pool was perfect, good design and good water temperature.

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The room was spacious, modern decoration and fully equipped with anything you can thing. We made our own coffee from coffee machine at the room and we took it at the pool with us. The bathroom was a state of art. Breakfast was quite good.

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Staff was veey kind and helpful Beautiful gardens and green location at the heart of Doha, it makes you feel you are somewhere tropical. Very close to city center, but quiet neighborhood. Dimitris Graikija Everything was perfect.

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The facilities are very clean. The trees and green are a very good touch. Mohammed Kataras The staff were tremendously helpful and always went above and beyond.

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It's a true gem of a resort. High-end and great for families too.

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Omar Every thing you s amazing in this hotel staff decoration and quality of food Abdul Kataras the resort is full of green grass and trees that are there for decades as we know the area since the seventies. Luxury villa with high-quality furniture and marble. Lots of outdoor seating, lounge, and dining.

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Exceptional floor plan with great amenities and a full-service kitchen. Boiler, stove, and dishwasher. Food is amazing in the dining.

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And all the food ordered in the villa came out hot and delicious. The pool is fun for the kids.

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  • Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha, Doha – atnaujintos m. kainos

Dana Kataras Staff were very helpful and friendly, the way they welcomed us, the 3 bedroom pool villa was more than amazing can't get enough of the interior design, plus we had the best breakfast experience ever. Ali Kataras We appreciated the room upgrade and also the complimentary additional bed for having to wait for check in.

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Also it is nice to have WhatsApp communication with the hotel. Last we loved the Anniversary dessert and fruit sent to „Thermal Options“ prekybos akademija room.

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