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It is expected that the imposition of measures will restore effective and fair trading conditions on the Union market. It thus concludes that a higher aid intensity would adversely affect trading conditions to an extent contrary to the common interest.

Prieš paliekant augintinį viešbutyje, pravartu pasidomėti, ar jis veikia legaliai m.

Having established that urban regeneration falls within the Community's objectives, the Commission will now assess whether trading conditions are adversely effected to an extent contrary to the common interest. Europos Sąjungos finansai - eur-lex.

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In harsh trading conditions, local titles are operating on prekybos sąlygos editorial resources and are weakened in their capacity to fulfil their traditional watchdog and informed-citizenry functions This article argues that the requirements to update the market on changes in trading conditions and associated changes to expected earnings are unduly ambiguous and that persons relying on publicly disclosed company information may struggle to make confident informed decisions As well 'isolation closures' are defined which allows the change in a region's terms of trade to be partitioned into prekybos sąlygos component due to changed external trading conditions and a component due to that region's endogenous reaction to these conditions generalinis - core.

To maintain this balance, market orders must share any benefit obtained by limit order traders from more efficient trading conditions, such as better order queuing policies In the model, rational and risk neutral investors incorporate future trading conditions into their price setting behavior By drawing on empirical studies of automobile sales, we demonstrate how the new prekybos sąlygos conditions brought by eCommerce improved the strategic position of buyers and produced more equalized buyer—seller power relations that lead to fairer trade In this paper, we address this question empirically and analyze if the prekybos sąlygos that proxy for market liquidity and trading conditions convey valid information to forecast the quantiles of the conditional distribution of several representative market portfolios

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